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Elaine Denise Ray, Denise to all who know her, is a creative person who loves working with and encouraging people to obtain their dream. As an educator Denise used her voice as a tool for reading to children, giving presentations, organizing and leading workshops, and participating in plays for more than 25 years.


How did she get that way? One way was through her formal college education and post graduate work.  Another way was through her love of the arts, classes in singing, acting, and improv from various schools which added to her vocal skills.

Recognizing the influence of her voice and the power of words, Denise entered the arena of voice overs. She took classes with Voicecoaches, Rob Holt of Voicebox, and Carrie Faverty of Sound Lounge.   To continue to hone her skills, Denise records stories for  www.,  a library which has free public domain audiobooks . Some of the solo  projects that Denise has completed are children stories,  Candle Lightning Time by Paul Laurence Dunbar and Harlem Shadows a book of 75 poems written by Claude McKay. Denise enjoys bringing stories and poems to life for the listener.

Denise is also believes in giving back to the community and uses her skills by recording stories for children during special events.

Denise's voice style is conversational, believable, calming, friendly, authentic, engaging and so much more.

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